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EZ Adjust Spreader Bar

EZ Adjust Spreader Bar

New EZ Adjust Spreader Bar now offers an easier and safer way to make adjustments.

  • Adjustment wheel with handle located on the outside edge
  • Predetermined adjustment stops to limit bow travel to eliminate the risk of kinking




Pearl offers a continuous motion sealing application, the Continuous Band Sealer or CBS. Our CBS attachment creates a continuous motion header seal on poly film moving in the machine direction (MD). This unit typically mounts between the v-board unwind and dancer on bag machines.

  • Web-driven, continuous sealing
  • Works with polyethylene or polypropylene film
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Manual or automatic retract of sealing heads
  • Manual pneumatic pressure adjustment
  • Easy to remove top and bottom Teflon™ belts
  • Simple mounting and installation
pivoting c-frame

Pivot Mount Assembly Option for C-Frame

• Add-on Option
• Adjustable Throat Depth
• Rotating Mount Design Allows for Different Hole Locations


Remote Spreader Bar - Full

Remote Spreader Bar

• Easy Operation and Access with Remote Controller
• Wrinkle Free Webs
• Will Not Scratch Film
• Custom Built to Your Specifications

Our rendition of bowed rollers. This new capability allows operators to quickly change the bow’s operating parameters in hard to reach locations such as tight or high up places, or across wide webs.
Flex with Pivot Mount Assembly

Pivot Mount Assembly Option for Side Rail Flex Units

• Pivot Mount Assembly Available on Flex 1, 2, 3, and 4
• Easy Access Makes for Quicker, Safer Changeovers
• Rotates the Unit in 90-degree Increments
• Various Punch Profiles and Sizes Available

This innovative Pivot Mount Assembly for our Flex Units allows operators to rotate the unit 180 degrees for easier access to the die plate, screws and punch.  When doing changeovers, this gives the operator improved visibility and increased efficiency and downtime.

An easy-to-use location pin rotates the unit in 90-degree increments.


Lightning Wicket Punch Enclosure

• Easy Punch Changes
• Guarantees 0 Accidental Cuts
• Quick Changeovers

We designed a feature guarantees zero accidental cuts from handling, installing or removing the punch.  Teeth are never exposed outside of the attachment so there is no way to drop it, hit it or damage the teeth while installing it.

Installation is just as easy as the original design and still saves a great deal of time during changeover, seconds instead of minutes!  The box is transparent, allowing operators to see the color coding of the body and punch shape.

We can dispose used blades too!  Just send the cutter in its box back to Pearl.


UltraFlex HD

Pearl’s Ultra Flex High Definition attachment gives pouch manufacturers the comparable edge quality of traditional zero clearance units but at a lower cost, and with the ease of operation of Pearl’s popular Flex Unit product line. Punch, die plate and web clamp are interchangeable, eliminating the need to replace the entire unit when different profiles are desired. Two unit sizes are available to accommodate the smaller hanger hole and larger handle hole profiles. Works great with most pouch applications.


  • Tighter tolerance design
  • Low maintenance and easy to install on any pouch machine
  • Rotating assembly allows easy access to the punch for quicker and safer ...


Gusset Actuaction Controls

Gusset actuation controls are displayed, a feature that allows for automation of gusseting process adjustments, something traditionally done manually. The control version can either be motorized or automated, but both versions allow for independent control of each gusset with separate upper and lower actuator control.

Additional feature of an advanced automated control system includes a touchscreen that gives operators a digital readout of locations and even allows for storage of specific recipes, allowing for enhanced repeatability and reduced setup time and scrap.

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Patch Handle Attachment

The new servo driven Patch Handle Attachment from Pearl is a product designed to easily reinforce plastic bags. It can be mounted in the intermittent sync section of any bag machine and has independent controls to insert two layers of PE into the top and bottom of the web. The additional layers of material reinforce the handle area of the plastic bag to allow for heavier loads. The attachment can handle up to 90 bags per minute and features an independent heater control as well as optional touch screen controls, dual unwinds and tension control.

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