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  • Increase Output by 10-20%
  • Improve Film Quality
  • Save on Anti-Block Additives
  • Eliminate Film Blocking
  • Stop Wrinkles from Nip Rolls
  • Remove Sag on Unwind
  • Custom Designed for your Line
This innovation combined with our SM24 Technology has proven extremely successful!
Unit of Measure

Output Increment (Normal Film)

N/A 10 to 20 %

Output Increment (Thick Film)

N/A 50 %

Vertical Space Requirement

N/A 9 Inch

Product Guarantee

N/A 30 days

N/A Pre-Nips require only 9" of vertical space on the collapsing frame. In most cases, you only remove the top slats or rollers and install!

Pearl understands the importance of lowering bubble temperatures in blown film applications. Count on our Pre-Nip Chiller/Spreaders to maximize output by keeping your film running cooler all year round.

Stop wasting money on expensive additives that affect the quality of your film. Let the technology of Pearl's Pre-Nip Chillers run your film lines 30-50°F cooler. This guarantees faster output, lowering your costs. Ready to ship in less than a week.

Customers with thick films have reported increases in their outputs by as much as 50%!