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SM24 Extreme Tent Slat, Black Hard Coated Aluminum. (Can also be custom ordered in red)
Unit of Measure


N/A Black Red


N/A Surface Modified Aluminum

Dynamic Coefficient of Friction

N/A 0.06


N/A 72C Rockwell

Maximum Continuous Temperature

N/A 450 ºF232 ºC

Typical Film Use

N/A All Film Types

Product Guarantee

N/A 30 days

N/A CFSM24-1 Developed in 2003, after unparalleled success with our cage arms utilizing this high tech surface modification, SM24 is 40% as slippery than PTFE and harder than tool steel. We believe it is a permanent tent slat that may never wear out. These have been retrofitted to replace air collapsers as well as carbon fiber roller tents.

CFSM24-1 slats require little or no maintenance and can be cleaned with Scotch-Brite® without causing any damage. These slats will yield the highest possible outputs while providing important bubble stability. No more worries about marking even the most sensitive films. Helps remove sags, wrinkles or other problems associated with drag/friction.

N/A Optional custom made panels available to simplify installation into your existing framework.